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TN35-AF Automatic Cross Cone Winder (5 Spindles)



  • Cone type bobbin / Powerful multi-function.
    • Automatic mechanical bobbin doffing system.
    • Mechanical bobbin doffer.
    • No pneumatic devices, no need air compressor.
  • Individual spindle control.
    • Computer yarn length measurement.
    • Yarn speed adjustable from 300~1,600 meters/per minute.
  • Auto lubrication system.
    • Lube roller speed is adjustable & proportional to yarn speed.
    • Dosing pump lube system is also available.(optional).
  • Drum thread guidung system.
    • High speed,low noise operation.
    • Drum with special hardened polish treatment,smooth & wear resistance.
  • Electro-magnetic tension device.
    • Automatic tension release throughout the cycle for consistent winding tension.
  • Circulating oiling tank.
    • Oil tank good to be connected for 30 spindles.
    • Hot lube tank is also available.(with temperature controller).
  • TN-35AF Advantage.
    • Servo control system.
    • Computerized yarn laying & electronic gears for easy number of crossing input.
    • Thread end tucking device is also available.(Optional).
  • Other characteristics.
    • Cone,Spool type is available for S.P. threads, cotton threads & sewing threads.
    • Kingspool type is available for embroidery threads, nylon threads & bonded threads.
    • For filaments, fiber yarns, monofilaments & technical threads are subject to final confirmation.

 Other name

  • Automatic Textile Machinery/Yarn Winding Machine
  • Automatic Garment Machinery/Yarn Winder Machines
  • Automatic Sewing Thread Making Machine/Yarn Winder Machinery


Model TN35EF-A TN35EF-Y TN35EF-H
Taper angle 2°20`~5°57 0°~2°20`
Max.Capacity 180 LBS/8hrs 40/2 SP 280 LBS/8hrs 210D/2 Nylon 3000 PCS/8hrs 40/2 SP L=135M
Max.outer ∅ 110mm 85mm 75mm
Max diameter for yarn  tucking ∅ 80mm 55mm
Traverse 3″~4″ 2″~4″ 2″~3″
No. of spindles 5
Spindle speed Max 10000 r.p.m Max 15000 r.p.m
Yarn speed Max 1600 m/min Max 1600 m/min
Cross ratio 5~8F
Measurement 230L x 90W x 190H(cm)
Weight N.W.900kgs G.W.1100kgs
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