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Shima Seiki to hold Private Show in Vietnam from Sept 7-9

Shima Seiki’s SVR123SP Computerised Flat Knitting Machine

Shima Seiki Mfg. Ltd., a Japan-based computerised knitting machinery manufacturer and supplier, has announced to hold a private exhibition in Vietnam from September 7 to 9, 2017.

The exhibition will take place at Melia Hanoi Hotel in Hanoi city of Vietnam where Shima Seiki will showcase its innovations. The company is collaborating with its Vietnamese sales representative Phenitex Co. Ltd for the upcoming exhibition.

During the three-day event, Shima Seiki will showcase its SVR123SP computerised flat knitting machine. The machine’s knitting technology features loop pressers to produce inlay patterns in order to obtain the high-quality combination of ‘knit-weave’ hybrid fabrics.

The machine also incorporates the company’s benchmark technology Digital Stitch Control System (DSCS) and movable sinker system, a spring-loaded attachment.

The DSCS technology controls the stitch length and yarn tension by limiting yarn-feed. This results in controlling the yarn-feed in both feed and retrieval directions as required and high-quality output with a wider variety of yarns.

SDS-ONE APEX3 3D Design System by Shima Seiki

Additionally, Shima Seiki’s SDS-ONE APEX3 3D design system will also be demonstrated at the event. The design system replicates the company’s “Total Knitting System” concept.

The APEX3 system streamlines the entire knit production process right from yarn development, planning and product design to machine programming, production and even promotional processes. This integration of multiple processes into single workflow further provides an efficient and smooth chain of operations.

All the aforementioned innovations will be presented in Vietnam by Shima Seiki to capitalise on the opportunities available in the country.



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