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About us

Phenitex Co., Ltd , We are the international company for textiles machines. we are agent of knitting machine which is officially authorized as an agent with a VietNam – based office by Shima Seiki MFG., Ltd. from japan. We are so proud of being the leading provider of the latest textile machinery.

In addition, we can also supply our customers with a wide selection of other machines, spare parts and especially after sales service. With a 7 year experience of in textile field in Vietnam, we ensure that we can completely make you feel satisfied with your choice. It is really our supreme pleasure to give off this information to you – our promising customers in future. I’m so hopeful about our co-operation in the near future or we also provide our technician team to solve the problem.

If you have any further question, please don’t hesitate to contact with us anytime.

Address : Km 2,5 Phung Hung Road, Kien Hung Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi.
Tel : (84)24 36858-003
Fax : (84)24 36858-005
Email :
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Contact Person :
Managing Director :           Mr.Kitti Tangsiripornkul
Thai HP :        +6681-815-4733 ,
Vietnam HP : +84-96773-2688
Spare part & Maintainance Department :          Ms.Potjanee N.(Candy)
Thai HP:        +6681-495-0097
Vietnam HP: +84-128-714-7418
:          Mr.Cong
HP:                  +84-91-814-6388